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hi, I'm Haylee Rose!

I am the owner of Haylee Rose Creative. I am a graphic designer who specializes in illustrations, logos, and branding. I have a BS in Sport Management and will have my BA in Graphic Design completed this summer from Southern New Hampshire University. 

My family has always been creative, each with their passions, except me. My mom loves to craft and crochet, my dad paints and cooks, and my sister bakes and is an interior designer. I did nothing... I never had the patience to find something I loved until the Pandemic hit. I decided to download the Procreate app on my iPad and you can say the rest is history. I taught myself to digitally illustrate and hand letter in Procreate. I started designing stickers and other items and ended up making the decision to open an Etsy shop. From there, I quickly learned I had a knack for design and had people want custom illustrations as well as other things like logos. I was unhappy in my current career so I decided to go back to school in order to gain my BA in Graphic Design in order to learn as much as I can for a career change.  


I'm so glad you're here!

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